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“Giggles” Mothers Day Package

Original price was: KShs 7,300.00.Current price is: KShs 6,300.00.

100 Red Roses Bouquet

KShs 9,500.00
A whole 100 stems of red roses for deepest expression and celebration of love

50 Roses Bouquet with Red Wine

KShs 6,500.00
This package has a 50 stems red roses bouquet and a 750ml red sweet wine

Absolute love package

KShs 24,500.00
Sure, here is the product description for the Absolute Love Package: Product Description: Absolute Love Package Indulge your special someone

All Smiles package

KShs 8,400.00
All Smiles Package of Flowers and Chocolates Unleash a wave of joy and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences with

Be mine package

KShs 8,600.00
This package comes with with a flower bouquet, wine and ferrero chocolates

Birthday Celebration Combo

KShs 8,400.00
Let your loved one know you are thinking about themon their birthday with this thoughtful birthday package. The package consists;
  • A Basket bouquet
  • wine
  • chocolate

Elegance in Bloom Ensemble

KShs 8,500.00
🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Elegance in Bloom Ensemble – A Perfect Symphony of Roses, Wine, Chocolates, and Heartfelt Gestures 🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Indulge in the

Eternal Elegance Gift Ensemble – Valentines Special

KShs 11,400.00
🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Eternal Elegance Gift Ensemble – A Symphony of Passion and Delight 🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Unleash the magic of romance with our

Executive Love Hamper – Luxurious Romance Edition

KShs 45,000.00
Unlock the epitome of romance and sophistication with our Executive Love Hamper, priced at 45,000. Elevate your moments of love

Executive Love Package

KShs 13,500.00
Do it best with an executive complete package this Valentine's. The package has;
  • A customized love box
  • A bottle of sweet red wine
  • Two wine glasses
  • A Valentine Card

Grandeur 300 Red Roses – Deluxe Celebration Package

KShs 68,000.00
Indulge in the epitome of opulence with our Grandeur in Red Roses – Deluxe Celebration Package, priced at 68,000. This