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“Giggles” Mothers Day Package

Original price was: KShs 7,300.00.Current price is: KShs 6,300.00.

“My Healer” – A Mother’s Day Celebration Package

Original price was: KShs 8,500.00.Current price is: KShs 7,500.00.
Celebrate the nurturing spirit of motherhood with our “My Healer” package, a thoughtful ensemble designed to honor and cherish the

Absolute love package

KShs 24,500.00
Sure, here is the product description for the Absolute Love Package: Product Description: Absolute Love Package Indulge your special someone

All Smiles package

KShs 8,400.00
All Smiles Package of Flowers and Chocolates Unleash a wave of joy and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences with

Be mine package

KShs 8,600.00
This package comes with with a flower bouquet, wine and ferrero chocolates

Elegance in Bloom Ensemble

KShs 8,500.00
🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Elegance in Bloom Ensemble – A Perfect Symphony of Roses, Wine, Chocolates, and Heartfelt Gestures 🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Indulge in the

Eternal Elegance Gift Ensemble – Valentines Special

KShs 11,400.00
🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Eternal Elegance Gift Ensemble – A Symphony of Passion and Delight 🌹🍷🍫✉️🎁 Unleash the magic of romance with our

Executive Love Hamper – Luxurious Romance Edition

KShs 45,000.00
Unlock the epitome of romance and sophistication with our Executive Love Hamper, priced at 45,000. Elevate your moments of love