Blooms for Every Occasion: Your Ultimate Flower Gifting Guide in Nairobi!


Hello flower enthusiasts!

​We’re not just your average flower shop; we’re the go-to spot for all your gifting needs, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating National Friendship Day, surprising your loved ones on Christmas, or adding a touch of romance on Valentine’s Day, our flower shop in the heart of Nairobi has got you covered for every occasion imaginable! Let’s dive into the world of blossoms and discover the perfect floral arrangements for those special moments in life.

  1. Birthdays.

Customize a bouquet that mirrors the personality of the birthday boy or girl. Whether it’s bold and bright or soft and elegant, we’ve got the blooms to make their day extra special. ​​
Pro tip: Include their favorite flowers or colors for a personalized touch.

  1. Wedding Anniversary Milestones

Cheers to love that stands the test of time! Celebrate the milestones with an arrangement as unique as the couple. Consider their favorite flowers or go for an elegant mix that symbolizes their journey together.
Pro Tip: Include a small gift like a personalized vase for that extra wow factor.

  1. Engagements

​Cheers to the happy couple! Congratulate them on their engagement with an arrangement that mirrors the love and joy of their commitment.
Pro Tip: Include flowers that match the theme of the upcoming wedding.

  1. Bridal Showers

Celebrate the bride-to-be with an arrangement that mirrors the joy and excitement of impending nuptials. Soft pastels and romantic hues are perfect for setting the mood.
Pro Tip: Add a touch of sparkle for that bridal glam.

  1. Graduations

​Caps off to the graduates! Celebrate their achievements with a bouquet that mirrors their success. Bright, bold blooms are perfect for conveying the excitement of a new chapter.
Pro Tip: Choose flowers that represent growth and prosperity.

  1. Thank You

Express your gratitude with a bouquet that speaks volumes. Choose flowers that convey warmth and appreciation, making your thank you truly heartfelt.
Pro Tip: Select flowers with a pleasing fragrance for an added touch of sincerity.

  1. International Mother’s Day(12th may 2024)

Moms are the real MVPs!(Most Valuable Players) Spoil her with an arrangement as beautiful and unique as she is. From elegant tulips to classic roses, we have the perfect blooms to express your gratitude.
Pro Tip: Choose pastel colors for a soft and nurturing vibe.

  1. Baby Showers

​Celebrate the mom-to-be with an arrangement that mirrors the joy of impending motherhood. Soft pinks and blues are perfect for creating a dreamy atmosphere.
Pro Tip: Include baby’s breath for an ethereal touch.

  1. New Baby

​Welcome the little bundle of joy with a bouquet that’s as adorable as they are. Soft pastels and delicate blooms perfectly capture the innocence of a newborn.
Pro Tip: Include a cute stuffed animal for an extra dash of sweetness.

  1. Father’s Day(June 16th)

​Dads deserve flowers too! Surprise your old man with an arrangement that reflects his strength and wisdom. Choose bold and robust blooms for a bouquet that mirrors his character.
Pro Tip: Add a touch of greenery for an outdoorsy feel.

  1. Promotion/New job

​Cheers to career milestones! Congratulate your friends or colleagues on their professional achievements with a bouquet that radiates success. Bold and vibrant blooms are perfect for the occasion.
Pro Tip: Choose flowers with upward growth for a symbolic touch.

  1. Retirement

​Cheers to a life well-lived! Send your best wishes with an arrangement that exudes tranquility and relaxation. Think calming blues and gentle whites to convey the joy of retirement.
Pro Tip: Opt for flowers with a soothing fragrance.

  1. Housewarming

​New home, new beginnings! Welcome your friends or family to their new abode with a bouquet that complements their space. Think cheerful sunflowers or elegant lilies to brighten up their home.
Pro Tip: Opt for flowers with a sweet fragrance to fill their new home with love.

  1. Valentine’s Day (14TH Feb)

​Ah, the day of love! Spoil your special someone with a bouquet that mirrors the beauty of your romance. Red roses are a classic, but don’t be afraid to explore other passionate hues like deep purples and pinks.
Pro Tip: Attach a handwritten note for that personal touch.

  1. Secret Santa

​Spread holiday cheer with a bouquet that’s both festive and delightful. Opt for a mix of seasonal flowers and greens to capture the spirit of giving.
Pro Tip: Add a small ornament or decoration for that extra holiday flair.

  1. Christmas(25th Dec)

It’s the season to be jolly and what screams festive more than a stunning arrangement of holly and berries? From classic poinsettias to elegant winter whites, we’ve got your Christmas gifting covered.
Pro Tip: Add a touch of gold or silver for that extra holiday sparkle.

  1. Diwali(1st Nov)

Illuminate the festival of lights with a bouquet that captures the spirit of Diwali. Vibrant marigolds and rich hues will add a touch of warmth and festivity to your celebrations.
Pro Tip: Add a touch of gold for that extra Diwali glam

  1. EID(9th-10th April 2024)

Celebrate the end of Ramadan with a bouquet that symbolizes renewal and joy. Soft pastels and whites are perfect for creating an atmosphere of serenity and celebration.
Pro Tip: Include fragrant flowers for a sensory experience.

  1. Girlfriend’s Day (1st Aug)

Celebrate the special connection you share with your significant other. Whether it’s roses that speak of love or orchids that symbolize passion, our bouquets are designed to make her heart skip a beat.
Pro Tip: Add a romantic note to make her swoon.

  1. Boyfriend’s Day (3rd Oct)

​Because who says only guys should give flowers? Surprise your beau with a bouquet that reflects his personality. From bold and vibrant to subtle and sweet, we’ve got the blooms to match.
Pro Tip: Add a hint of greenery for a touch of masculinity.

  1. International Day of Friendship( 30th July)

What better way to celebrate your ride-or-die buddies than with a bouquet that screams, “You’re awesome!” Surprise your besties with vibrant blooms that mirror the vibrancy of your friendship.
Pro Tip: Mix and match bold colors like yellows, oranges, and pinks to capture the essence of a true friendship.

  1. World Siblings’ Day(10th April)

​​Show your brothers and sisters some love with a bouquet that’s as dynamic as your bond. Opt for flowers with playful colors and eclectic shapes to capture the essence of sibling camaraderie.
Pro Tip: Throw in a quirky card for that added touch of sibling humor.

  1. Funeral/ Funeral Anniversaries

In times of sorrow, express your condolences with sympathy flowers that offer comfort and solace. Our arrangements are crafted with care and compassion.

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