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As we eat everyday to nourish our physical body, it is the same way flowers nourish our emotions and spirit. Flowers play a vital role in making our intentions known to our loved ones and set mood for events or places. Generally, flowers help us feed our feelings and emotions in the best way. In this weekly log, our florist desk looks at ways in which flowers play an important role in making people happier and better.

Communicating Feelings

Communicating feelings is the most common importance of having or sharing flowers. On most occasions, communicating feelings and emotions can be intimidating because you may not be sure if your tone of voice or choice of words would be appropriate. Finding the right way to communicate becomes easy when you do it with flowers. Flowers timely says I love you, celebrate love, comfort in times of sorrow, congratulate in times of achievement and cement bonds of friendship.

Flowers are Best Gifts

Flowers are the best gifts to a relationship. You cannot go wrong gifting or regifting someone special to you a bouquet of flowers. Think it this way, choosing an appropriate gift is confusing more so if you are not very familiar with the preferences of the recipient. In such an instance, flowers come in handy because they are the one gift that is generally acceptable for any occasion. Make sure you consult the florist to have the right flowers for the right occasion.

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Flowers are visually appealing with some having strong scents which make them stand out when gifted. So for several days after you have gifted them, the recipient will think of and appreciate your gift every time they look at the beautiful flowers.

Celebration of achievements

Most achievements take time and effort to attain. For instance, completing a course in the University or College, takes even years to complete and people have strong attachment to the achievement. Another situation is getting a new job or having a baby which are exciting milestones that take time and effort. Celebrating these achievements mean a big deal to the achievers and even the loved ones around them. Sharing flowers with them is a perfect way of saying congratulations as this shows that you recognize their efforts. Carefully selecting the right floral ensemble shows that you have considered the time it took for the achievement to be attained.

Decorating the events and making them memorable

It may be a wedding, a birthday party or a baby shower, all of which are exciting events. Nothing brings them to life like using fresh flowers as the decor. Fresh flowers convey a message of confidence and inspiration and have the power to impress your guests in a way that they will be talking about your event for many days or even years to come.

Create the best ambience

Flowers have a welcoming effect and creates ambiance that oozes positivity and creates a sense of familiarity and comfort. For instance, you will often find fresh flowers featuring prominently in an office reception, hotel or restaurant. It’s not by coincidence, fresh flowers play an essential role in the creation of ambient space and contribute towards positive wellness of the visitors and employees.

Comfort in times of sorrow

In times of sorrow, it is not often easy to find the right words to communicate your feelings of remorse to someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one. Gifting them a bouquet of fresh flowers is a perfect way of conveying your condolences as well as helping to create an atmosphere of hope and comfort.

Florist Tip: 2
Releases tensions and anxieties. Flowers provide a silent sense of comfort and encouragement.

From this log, flowers are important part of our life. The are several ways in which flowers feature in our lives that make them necessary accessory for enhanced social life. Therefore, if you want to say it right, say it with flowers.

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