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Gifting a lady friend can be a daunting task. Ladies are sentimental when it comes to gifting. They tend to remember and attach value and meaning to most gifts. There are many ideas you can choose from to make her day special but without knowing exactly what to pick can be a confusing exercise. If you are plagued with the challenge of finding a perfect gift, we have some packages for you. Out of experience, we have identified six perfect gift ideas that will put a smile on her face and cement your friendship (BFF) with a lasting impression.

1. Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? A birthday cake with her name on it communicates that you have taken the time to think of her and make her day special. Choosing a flavour that she enjoys and adding a special message shows you have gone the extra mile to make her day special.

2. Beautiful Cupcakes

If you are having a hard time selecting what cake flavour to go for, then why not surprise her with beautifully packaged cupcakes that have all her favorite flavours and colours. The sheer excitement of having to explore the different flavours will be a memorable experience for her and will symbolise that you understand and appreciate her diverse tastes.

3. Red Wine & Chocolates

A lady that enjoys her wine will appreciate a good bottle of red wine coupled with a box of chocolates. After all, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. When choosing the wine, make sure to carefully select the type that she enjoys, for example, sweet or dry. Making a choice based on her preferred taste will show that you have thought about her.


Flowers have always been a symbolic gift. They are perfect in communicating many messages on different occasions. There are several options to choose from when considering to gift flowers.

Flower Vase: A vase filled with flowers is a considerate choice because she does not have to worry about where to put the flowers. It is the ‘plug and play’ option of gifting flowers and makes it easy for her to place them at the spot of her choice.

A bouquet is often dramatic and makes a loud statement. Work with professionals florists to put together a bouquet that is pleasing to the eyes and neatly presented.

Hat Box: A flower hatbox is a stylish and delicate choice of gift. A carefully curated hatbox will certainly make a lasting impression.

Whatever your choice of presentation, make sure to choose fresh and beautiful flowers because that is a symbol of a valuable and blooming friendship

5. Fruit basket

There is a saying that goes ‘the best birthday gifts are edible’. Making it a healthy, fresh fruit basket shows that you care about her wellbeing. Presentation is everything. So the fruits should be fresh, clean and appealing to the eye.

6. Plant

The power of gifting a plant is in the staying power. A plant is bound to stay long after the edibles and flowers have done their time. When choosing a plant to gift, it is advisable to choose a small plant that she can watch and care for as it grows. Also, choose a plant that does not require too much attention. For example, you can gift her a succulent or cactus. Make sure the plant is potted, clean and in good shape.

Birthdays are big occasions for everyone. Ladies, however, do tend to attach more sentimental value to the day. It is a time for reflection and renewal. So it is important to choose the right gift that sends the right message.

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